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Your Questions

Who Were the Levites?

The Levites , descendants of Jacob ’s son Levi , were selected to serve G‑d in the Holy Temple . Most served... READ MORE >

Your Questions

The Mystery of Miriam’s Song

After the great miracle of the Splitting of the Sea, Moses led the Jewish people in singing praises to G‑d... READ MORE >

Yud Shevat

The Other Side of the Tapestry

St. Paul, Minnesota, February, 1979 I sat in the hall waiting for the program to start. I felt alone in a room... READ MORE >


Is Your Optimism Grounded in Reality?

After delivering a lecture onIs he an optimist or is he foolish? optimism to a large tech company, Shawn Achor,... READ MORE >

Candle Lighting

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Torah Portion: Beshalach

Candle Lighting

Friday, Jan 18



Shabbat, Jan 19