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“You Shall Make for Yourself Twisted Threads” - The Commandment of Tzitzit

In This Article The Source and Significance of the Mitzvah The Nature of the Mitzvah The... READ MORE >

Your Questions

Why is There a Purim Katan (Small Purim)?

In this article: Background: Why Is There a 13th Month? When Is Purim? Did the Miracle of... READ MORE >


Making Good Choices When Willpower Fails

In the aftermath of a scandal having to do with embezzlement from a charity, a woman wrote an article in which... READ MORE >


Clothes Do Make the Man: Why Your Mother Was Right

Who doesn’t remember as young children being made to wear certain clothing we didn’t like? Then, as we got... READ MORE >

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Livingston, NJ [ZIP Code 07039]

Torah Portion: Ki Tisa

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Friday, Feb 22



Shabbat, Feb 23