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Terror at Chabad of Poway

#ShareShabbat a Call for Positive Action in Response to Poway

As the Jewish world grapples emotionally with another deadly synagogue shooting—and the family of Lori Kaye... READ MORE >

Terror at Chabad of Poway

Lori Kaye, 60, Who ‘Thought of Others Before Herself’

Lori Kaye loved greeting cards; she had one for nearly any occasion. Whether a birthday, anniversary or condolence,... READ MORE >

Your Questions

What Was the Omer Offering (Korban Ha’omer)?

Contemporary Jews associate the Omer with the mitzvah of Sefirat Haomer , counting the days from the second... READ MORE >


The Sin of Spirituality

This morning, in the small basement synagogue, amidst several Chasidic students lost in prayer, I looked up... READ MORE >

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Torah Portion: Achrei Mot

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