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Jewish News

Poway Rabbi at Auschwitz: Serves at Brit Milah, Addresses ‘Eurostars’

Just weeks after the anti-Semitic shooting at Chabad of Poway in Southern California that took the life of a... READ MORE >


A Pool of Fire

And G‑d said to Moses : ... [a Kohen ] shall not contaminate himself [through contact with] the dead of... READ MORE >

Jewish News

Pittsburgh Parents Name Baby Girl After Lori Kaye, Slain in Poway Synagogue

Like many other parents and parents-to-be, Judah and Chaya Cowen had a list of names prepared for when their... READ MORE >

By the Numbers

10 Facts About Pesach Sheini Every Jew Needs to Know

1. Pesach Sheni Means “Second Passover [Sacrifice]” In Temple times, Jews spent Passover in Jerusalem... READ MORE >

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